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Melbourne Writers Festival Twists and Turns

Tactify developed a world-first beacon application for advertising agency JWT which turned festival-goers into the hero of their own choose-their-own-adventure stories. Participants were able to listen to a story through their iPhones which ‘twisted and turned’ with each street they chose to walk down, combining traditional storytelling with high-tech geo-location beacons to create a unique literary experience.

Pandora Samsung Sharetapes

For the launch of Samsung’s premium speaker offering, we created custom Sharetapes in conjunction with Pandora. The Sharetapes launched a custom landing page on the users smartphone and directed them to Tweet with a pre-programmed hashtag, view information on Samsung Sound’s product homepage or listen to the soundtrack for the event on Pandora.


Using Tactify’s enterprise SDK, activate content of your choice in mobile applications using bluetooth low energy beacons.

Smart Tags

Smart Tags use NFC to augment any print or point of sale material into a digitally connected touchpoint.

Smart Stickers

Tactify’s Smart Stickers include NFC and QR technology to link directly to digital content of your choice

Smart Cards

Tactify’s Smart Cards are great for direct marketing and include NFC and QR technology that can be linked directly to digital content.


Tactify manages the printing of your cards and provides a design template including the NFC logo and a QR code for your interactive card.

Info Points

Tactify Info Points instantly enable important points of interest to link digital content managed through the Tactify dashboard


Sharetapes are the ideal promotional item for events and brand activations. They are physical cards that have been embedded with Near-Field Communications (NFC) chips and Quick Response (QR) codes. When a user taps or scans a Sharetape with their smartphone, the Sharetape launches a pre-programmed online playlist.

After winning the Mashable ‘6 Second Pitch’ contest at SXSW 2013 Sharetapes has developed into a popular consumer item globally being featured on the influential

Major brands in the music industry, hospitality, online media and technology space such as Pandora Internet Radio, Spotify, Accor Hotels and Samsung are using custom designed Sharetapes for PR, direct marketing, events and promotional campaigns.