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Warner Movies How to Be Single

For the theatre release of their new movie ‘How to be Single’, Warner created Sharetapes to distribute at the premiere and as promotional material. They also integrated the tapes as part of their social campaign; the tapes were programmed with a public Spotify playlist which was amplified through their Twitter account.

Universal Music Dierks Bentley

Universal Music used Sharetapes to distribute exclusive digital content for their Dierks Bentley box set. The cards were branded as ‘Dierks Bentley’ Black Cards and featured a coupon code, which users entered into the landing page programmed to the tapes. This allowed users to access the exclusive content as well as enter a competition to meet and greet the artist.

Spotify SXSW

Spotify partnered with Bose to create customized Sharetapes to distribute at Spotify House during SXSW 2015. The tapes were linked to a custom Bose playlist featuring bands playing at the event.

Visa Whitepaper

Visa used Tactify to deliver their latest research Whitepaper. Users simply tapped or scanned the card and were able to download or email the document to their inbox.

IBM Bluemix

IBM Bluemix Sharetapes were distributed during Bluemix developer week. Once tapped or scanned, the user was presented with a dedicated Spotify playlist.

Melbourne Writers Festival Twists and Turns

Tactify developed a world-first beacon application for advertising agency JWT which turned festival-goers into the hero of their own choose-their-own-adventure stories. Participants were able to listen to a story through their iPhones which ‘twisted and turned’ with each street they chose to walk down, combining traditional storytelling with high-tech geo-location beacons to create a unique literary experience.

Pandora Samsung Sharetapes

For the launch of Samsung’s premium speaker offering, we created custom Sharetapes in conjunction with Pandora. The Sharetapes launched a custom landing page on the users smartphone and directed them to Tweet with a pre-programmed hashtag, view information on Samsung Sound’s product homepage or listen to the soundtrack for the event on Pandora.


The BBC ran a special series of news programs around the G20 Summit in Brisbane 2014. In order to distribute their media kits, the BBC engaged Tactify to create NFC and QR connected postcards featuring a link to the media kit, social media, sign up and BBC app downloads.



Parramatta City Council are using Beacon technology and mobile apps to improve customer experience and foot traffic flow in the newly refurbished Parramatta Church Street Mall. Tactify built specialized mobile apps for both iOS and Android devices that interacted with Beacons and collected data about user journeys as they moved through the mall.


Pandora teamed up with Unilever to promote the launch of their new icecream brand Fruttare. In addition, they created Sharetapes for the launch which were distributed at selected stores and events.