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5 Ways Entrepreneurs Can Boost Productivity


Entrepreneurs juggle dozens of tasks on any given week with constantly fluctuating schedules. With already busy schedules, being as productive as possible When your to-dos pile up, productivity can plummet. , leaving you with less free time to use networking and working on your personal brand. Getting more accomplished during the day will reduce stress and allow for creative time to brainstorm and rejuvenate. se these five tips to ease work stress and boost productivity.

Plan tomorrow, tonight. Get a jumpstart on your day by planning the night before. Knowing what tasks you need to accomplish at the start of every day will help make your mornings more productive and less stressful. Be aware of your deadlines so you can prioritize and be flexible for other tasks that come up.

Break up your responsibilities into milestones. Whether it’s building a product, finishing a report or launching a website, don’t list your end goal as one big task. Break it up into smaller assignments that are you can accomplish within and hour or two. You’ll have more motivation and feel more accomplished at the end of the day.

Schedule time to check your email. Constantly checking your inbox and responding to emails can interfere with productivity and take up hours of your day. Pick a few times throughout the day to check your email so your attention is solely on the assignment at hand.

Stop mutitasking. Like checking your email every five minutes, multitasking can cause distractions and even lower your IQ. Giving yourself 60 to 90 minute intervals on one task will help limit the amount of multitasking and get your tasks done faster.

Take a break. Our brains are only able to focus for 90 minutes, on average, and need a 20 minute break afterwards. Completing a task followed by a short break will boost your productivity. Take a walk, grab a power snack or take a few to meditate or nap.