Introducing Tactify

Today we are excited to introduce Tactify, a new way for businesses to create interactive mobile marketing solutions, through an easy to use online dashboard.

Our work began many months ago, but now to see the simplicity in which you can create and order items that connect to your digital world is a reward in itself.

The Internet of Things also known as IoT is changing the very way we interact with the physical world. The internet is a social environment, and at the heart of it all is people.

Business cards are an essential part of our business world. We used some technology magic to create some really effective business cards. Why not allow your first meeting to be social and memorable? Why can’t we have fun with our technology interactions, bring smiles to people’s faces, and ‘Get Physical with Digital’.

Along with NFC and QR technology we also offer solutions using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), where anyone from retail managers, advertising agencies or large enterprises can connect, design and build their very own interactive mobile and/or print campaigns.  We were careful not to become too heavily focused on one particular technology which allows us to quickly adapt to our ever changing and connected world. It could be NFC, BLE, or the latest version of Wifi – no matter the technology, Tactify comes with a self-managed dashboard that automatically integrates with the latest technology to suit the needs of any business.

Our vision for Tactify is to allow businesses of all sizes to easily create digital content for contact details, events and promotions and connect with a variety of print media that is available to order.

The printed products include business cards, posters, Stickers and Social Tiles that can be ordered directly onsite and will be delivered connected to your digital and fully customized content. Your Tactify account allows you to update, monitor and manage your digital content in real time.


Looking Forward

We hope you enjoy Tactify when we announce its release in the following weeks and look forward to the many features we will be adding soon. We’ll continue to improve our core offerings, ‘Made to Connect’, ‘Made to Promote’ and ‘Built for Enterprise’. Working from anywhere and any device is also crucial, so expect to see a mobile version of Tactify too. And we promise to continue to experiment with features that keep your business connected and ahead of your competitors with ‘Tactify Labs’ where we work closely with the developer community to ensure we – and you – are remaining cutting edge in the industry.

We believe that businesses have only touched the tip of the iceberg in terms of mobile marketing. Every business knows they need a mobile strategy but aren’t so sure where to start. With Tactify we help you reach the critical last 3 feet where customers are won or lost. We feel businesses should have easy and self managed tools that can help them achieve this. Why not Tactify today!

You can sign up now to request access to our private beta—we plan to make it available to as many people as possible in the coming weeks. Thanks for checking us out, and we look forward to hearing from you soon. Make sure to subscribe to the blog for updates, you are definitely going to see some exciting times ahead!