Tactify Creates Twists & Turns App for Melbourne Writer’s Festival

Twists and Turns Melbourne Writer's FestivalHave you ever wished you could choose the outcome of your favorite story? We’re excited to announce Twists and Turns, the first-ever choose your own adventure storytelling app, is now available for the Melbourne Writer’s Festival! Created for advertising agency, JWT, Twists & Turns uses beacons located throughout the city to determine a variety of storylines told within the app based on which street a user walks down.

There are three fictional stories that reference key locations throughout Melbourne, each with four different versions. Using a network of beacons placed throughout the city, the app maps physical locations to specific chapters of the stories. Depending on which street a user walks down, different storylines are triggered. You can see the stories come to life and determine which direction you want the story to go as you “twist and turn” throughout the city.

Beacons are typically used for retail promotions and in-store events but developing the Twists & Turns app shows just how innovative companies can be when using beacons and location technologies. All festival goers need is an iPhone, Twists and Turns, and to start walking! The beacons and app do the rest.

The Melbourne Writer’s Festival celebrates writers, readers and thinkers from around the world every year. With hundreds of programs, speakers, conversations, debates, performances and events, MWF attracts more than 50,000 people for two weeks in August. The stories in Twists & Turns were written by authors Nic Low, Leanne Hall and Liam Pieper, and narrated by actors John Wood, Noni Hazlehurst, John Flaus and Richard Piper.

If you’re heading to the Festival, make sure to get Twists and Turns in the App Store and be the hero of your own literary adventure!